Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bubblegum lady

I had a really good Sunday. I didn't expect it would turn out this good because 50% of this was unplanned. Who cares if this isn't originally in our itinerary? It was such a blast,anyway. Thanks to a very early wake-up call that i did. It's more like a call of help from people who gave up tinkering the camera. 

Thanks to She and Dan for a wonderful day. i owe it to you.

I love candid shots <3

snap, another candid shot..

i love love this pink skirt. i got this one  for only 30 pesos. i wouldn't be a thriftqueen for nothing. :)

aaand yet another candid shot. i need a towel break, right?
The weather is just scorching hot. Really. 

photo credits: daniel richard sta romana


  1. love the shoes darling! hope you feature a blog about the right kind of shoes for every fashion style... :) it's really a big fashion failure if an amazing outfit or dress ensemble gets ruined by the wrong choice of shoes... :) go gurly!!!

    1. thank you sooo much. i agree with you, dear. i will post about it soon. thanks for your lovely idea. <3

  2. I love this look. Btw i found ur blog from LB forum n now i start following you. Please check mine n follow back plz. Thnks xoxo

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