Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Christmas came too early

You're not seeing a Christmas elf, it's just me. I do look like one, though. I kinda remind you of Christmas, don't I? This is my futile attempt to color block. Teehee. The easiest way to do so is to mix colors that you normally see from the environment. Green for the leaves and red for the berries. Lalala!

And if you thought I had a huge leaf on my head, you got it wrong. It's actually a bow. See? I wanted to put a big bow on my head and so i did.

I really love this dress (it could be used as a top too) from Esprit.

I just made this bow. It's pretty easy to make.

Photo credits: Daniel Richard Sta. Romana



  1. I love love love the dress kwengy! the bow is an eye-catcher though... :)

    1. love it too te clej. so light. :)) ah hinimo ra nang bow. ganahan man gud ko. :))