Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Pink Artiste

I really love meeting girls whom I share the same passion with. I want to get to know them, talk to them if I could. You know how it feels talking to people who exude the same wavelength you have, right? That's why I devotedly follow beauty/fashion bloggers and youtube gurus. You got one big stalker here! LOL. 

One of the girls I follow is the lovely Orange Tuazon. Cute name, right? She's the first ever Pink Artiste of Etude House Philippines. If you're a hardcore Etude princess, you know what I'm talking about. So after months of following her videos I finally got the chance to ask her some questions which I have been so excited to ask. 

Here you go girls...

           How does it feel to become the first ever pink artiste of Etude House Philippines?
I’ve been a fan of Etude House even way back then, even before it had its first store in the Philippines, I buy online and I watch all of their cute commercials on YouTube. That is why it feels so great, I feel so lucky that I’ve gone that far (winning their first ever search for online makeup artist), I thank the Etude House Team for trusting me and especially the people who supported me from the beginning and up until now. I always recall that moment when they announced my name that I’ve won. It’s the best day ever. 

Wow, you are now officially a make-up guru. How did you prepare yourself for this?
I won’t actually call myself a guru, as I am only an ordinary girl who loves makeup. My makeup skills aren’t as professionals but I do my best to “learn” with the other girls who are still beginning or discovering makeup. That’s how great Etude House products are, you really don’t have to be a pro on applying makeup because most of their products are very easy – not complicated at all- and their very cute packaging are very fun and exciting to use!:) 
I already accepted the fact that people will set a high expectation from me because it’s such a big responsibility to become a Pink Artiste, it can be stressful at times but I try my best to prepare, learn and educate myself more on how to use different makeup products, what’s trendy and what appeals to the young girls these days.

How do you handle criticisms?
I handle the criticisms gracefully because I need them to improve my skills. Without the criticisms, I won’t be able to move further and do better.

What are your all-time etude house favorites?
Most of their BB Creams are my favorite! I love the Dear My Blooming Line especially the blushers. I like the shimmery stuff that makes skin glow.

Where do you shoot your videos?
I shoot my videos inside my brother’s room because it has the most natural light which is the sunlight; I just put printed fabrics as my background.

 Who takes your pictures?
I usually take my own pictures. That is why I love cameras that have articulated LCD’s. Sometimes I have my pictures taken by friends who can take photos decently because I have some bad angles. Hihihi!

When did you first fall in love with make-up?
When I was 18-19 I saw a makeup video on YouTube (from AskMeMakeup Channel) and I got so inspired so I bought some local makeups to practice. 

Who is your favorite make-up guru on youtube?
My first ever favorite is Amy from AskMeMakeup, her makeup’s fun and her videos got some vintage-y feel on them which I love.  I just subscribed to Jung Saem Mool (from jungsaemmool Channel) and I love all of her makeup videos.

Name five things that you consider must-haves for every girl.
1.     BB creams (because foundations are too heavy)
2.    Multi-functional products like lip and cheek stain.
3.    Luminizers or face makeup that has tiny shimmers- make the skin glowy and healthy. Love them!
4.    Fragrance, of course!
5.     A pair of nerdy eyeglasses that flatters your face shape would be handy if you did not get enough sleep; it hides the tired look on your eyes.

I know your followers have this similar question: how do you take care of your skin?
My skin isn’t all that perfect, I get pimples every now and then and the marks are so difficult to lighten. But I have a skincare regimen line toner, serum, eye cream, moisturizer and stuff. I’ve been using anti-aging skin care since I hit 20 years old. I don’t want to get wrinkles too soon. And yes, I always apply moisturizer, heavier in evening before I go to sleep. Sunblock is also very important. I always put on sunblock under my BB Cream- BB Creams with SPF protection are a must, too.  And I always pamper my facial skin by putting on masks at least thrice every week. Drink lots of water, enough sleep and exfoliation twice every week really helps.

What’s the best beauty advice you could give our fellow girlies out there?
Best beauty advice is to not apply too much makeup, let your natural beauty shine through. Always take care of your skin so that you won’t have to use that much makeup. Use makeup to enhance beauty and not to cover it. Always smile and have a positive outlook in life, have a good heart and it will radiate.

Now let’s talk about shopping, when you go to the mall what usually catches your eyes?
Etude House Stores! They’re always so appealing and inviting like a doll house, its where most of my allowance go to, ha-ha. When I am on a tight budget, I go there and try on their bb creams, mascara, blushers, lipsticks, eyeliner and not buy anything at all, he he- just kidding. I also go to Toy Kingdom/ Toys R Us or any toy shop. I love looking at the toys and feel like a kid again. Oh yeah and I always go to SM Department Stores because of the accessories, especially at kid’s accessories –where I buy my floral hair accessories, I just love anything florally.

Are you an impulsive shopper?
I am not, before I buy something especially for items Php600 and up- I research about it first on Google to find some reviews and further information, and then if I am not satisfied I go to YouTube and look for the “unboxing” videos. It has become a habit of mine.

What’s your number one rule in shopping?
Just buy anything that you find you like and be reasonable on it. Always remember that you deserve it. Always know when you can get a certain item cheaper just to save money.

Do you love shopping online?
Yes! Absolutely. I always find the stuff I want cheaper online. I believe it’s because they don’t have to mark up their price that much since they don’t rent a shop and all. You can always go shopping in the comfort of your home without having to dress up and look good compared to going shopping in the mall. It’s for the lazy and busy ones. And it’s very easy to buy stuff online because you will only have type it and contact the seller, pay it and wait for your stuff to arrive. Just beware of scammers. Always look for their feedbacks.

What do you usually shop online?
I have a Pullip Doll, and I always buy her stuff online. I buy my Electronics online because they are cheaper. Practically every item that I want  that I can’t search for locally.

Aside from your love for fashion and beauty, what are your other interests?
Cooking! We have a cafĂ© in Angeles City, it’s just starting- and it is the reason why I’ve been so busy lately. I love cooking for my love ones. Also, I do sing- I sing part time on events for extra income. I love art also and of course, I will always be interested with Persian Cats. I go search and watch Persian Cats videos on YouTube and I can do that all day and not get tired of their cuteness.

What word best describes your personality?
I am bubbly.

Who inspires you?
I have to say my family, my cat and friends.

What’s your daily mantra?
God is with me all the time and He has bigger plans that I have even planned for myself.

What do you think is the best thing about being a girl?
Being able to wear makeup, have fun with it and use it as an expression. Being a girl, fashion trend never gets boring. There wouldn’t be gentlemen if there were no girls. We always get the dibs haha. *wink*

To conclude, complete this sentence: I ______________ because I’m a girl.
I can do anything because I’m a girl. LOlz.

There you have it ladies! Hope you learned something from our Pink Artiste, Orange Tuazon. To learn more about Orange and Etude House products, you can check out her blog here and The Pink Artiste page here.


  1. orange is Little ms.Jack of all Trade...she's a talented wee lassy..;) nice blog by the way...i always follow single moms like me...

    1. indeed. that's why i adore her. very talented girl with a big heart. thank you so much!! :)

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