Thursday, March 29, 2012

Issue#1: Insecurity

Insecurity is one of girls’ major issues. We experience it, really, but not a lot of us would be brave to admit and a few of us aren’t even aware of it. Well, if you’re 100% sure that you aren’t insecure about ANYTHING at all, EVER – congratulations.
At some point in our lives we tend to be insecure about something. This anxiety would keep building up if we keep on feeding it. If you let this dwell in you, envy would follow. Once the green-eyed monster starts eating you up, what would remain of you?
Remember, your self-esteem and these bastards are ALWAYS inversely proportional. The more they grow, the lower your self-esteem goes. Insecurity must never occupy a space in your mind; it must go down the drain. So here are some of our generic lines and the things we should always keep in mind:

1.       “She’s like this, I’m not.”
OF COURSE! You’re different! Hello?!
Lesson#1: Never compare yourself with others. Insecurity starts when you compare what she has to what you don’t have; what she is to what you’re not. You are unique; no one else in this world is like you – not even your twin (if you have one). Yes, I know that statement is hackneyed but it’s forever true. Just learn to accept and appreciate each other’s differences and you’ll be fine.

2.       “I’m nothing compared to her”
Okay, that’s an overstatement.
Lesson#2: Insecurity blossoms when you put yourself down. Fine, let’s face the fact that there will always be people greater than you in some ways but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to push yourself down low. Remember that we all have our own weaknesses and strengths. She may look like a goddess but she’s also human, she has her own weaknesses too, okay? Instead of pushing yourself down, try focusing on your strengths.

3.       “I am hopeless”
Lesson#3: As long as you live, there will always be hope. You’re not just a dirt that can be carried anywhere by the wind. Take control of your life. Don’t let yourself down. If you want to be better, work on it. Seek inspirations and learn to build yourself up. Aspire for a better you and compete with no one but yourself.

                Lastly, know yourself more. Know your capabilities and believe in what you can do. This will help you ease out that insecurity. I know it is hard but trying these things won’t hurt. Keep this in mind: insecurity is a disease. It embraces those who keep themselves vulnerable.

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