Saturday, March 24, 2012

Smile's Skin Treats

               Seriously, I’m lazy when it comes to skin care. I do it now, the next day -- nada. Well, given the most unfortunate type of skin (acne prone and combination skin ---- T T ), wouldn’t you get tired of trying? Nothing seems to work, anyway. So why bother? Until I met my Korean friend, Smile. Every time we talk, skin care would never go out of topic.
                Smile gave me a package of yummy skin treats straight from Korea. She got these from Etude House, which you can also find here in the Philippines.

                 First on the list is this BB cream. For those who aren’t familiar with BB creams, BB stands for Blemish Balm. This tube can do wonders on your skin. Instead of dabbing concealer or foundation to cover up blemishes, which is too heavy during the day, this is a better substitute -- way better, at that. It doesn’t give you that full coverage but it would give you a dewy finish which can make you appear glowing. Really, there’s a whole lot of difference!

 My face, aside from being prone to breakouts, suffers from daily stress. So these masks were very helpful. I put this on once a week to help calm down my stressed face. Lol. Smile really knows exactly what I need! ^^, These masks didn’t prevent my skin from having break outs but it considerably helped my skin relax.

                 I’m not a fan of lipstick so I often stick to glosses and tints. This tint from Etude House called Fresh Cherry tint is my current favorite and daily partner.  It is very light and wearable on a daily basis! I just love its color. I usually have red tints, but this one’s in peach.
                A mega-watt THANKS to Smile for giving me these babies. I super love them!

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